What We Do

In the role of a consultant we recognize that there are many critical parts to a successful Defined Benefit (DB) or Defined Contribution Plan (DC). We have the experience and the ability to address those needs – whether it is a new plan or an existing plan that requires a change of service providers. Furthermore, our combined expertise in finance, accounting, legal, and regulatory matters allows us to carefully develop and implement prudent investment programs to achieve your goals while minimizing unnecessary risk.

We at SCA look at DC Plans in three ways: Employee Directed, Trustee Directed and Hybrid. Additionally, if it is a DB Plan that you currently have or are looking for, we can help with the fiduciary oversight of both personal and corporate plans. Contact Us for more information on how these plan options may work for your business.

Once an agreement is reached between SCA and the client to move forward, SCA will review the Investment Policy Statement or in the case of a new plan, work with other service providers to create a new one. We then look at investment options, evaluate existing or proposed service providers, facilitate participant education, conduct quarterly performance reviews and conduct investment option searches when necessary. A transition between platforms or consultants can be a difficult and time-consuming process. See below for our step-by-step overview of how SCA can help manage that transition.

Step-by-Step Process of Transitioning Between Platforms and Consultants

Step 1:

SCA meets with board members as much as necessary to get a clear understanding of the plan census to enable effective administration, legal and investment platform infrastructure.
Get it wrong and participants suffer and the board is at risk.

Step 2:

SCA makes recommendations of several service providers alternatives and lets the board decide the best course of action.
SCA only gets paid by the client to eliminate any conflict of interest.

Step 3:

If new infrastructure is required, SCA is there every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition.
SCA is focused on limiting the vulnerability caused by confusion and complexity.

Step 4:

SCA has an objective, risk-based system to develop diversified and proven investment choices for the plan participants.
SCA only gets paid by the client to eliminate any conflict of interest.

Step 5:

We meet with our clients as necessary to ensure open lines of communication and efficient investment decision making.
SCA is personally present to all appropriate board meetings.