What We Do

It is through our Experience, Values, and Beliefs that we think we are the most customer-focused Wealth Manager you’ll find anywhere. And in terms of helping you achieve your goals, SCA understands that each client solution is unique.

Our diverse client base – small business owners, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, families, companies and their employees, foundations, and institutions all appreciate SCA’s personal and customized approach. The questions we ask a prospective client at the first meeting – Why are we here? Where do you want to go? Are the same questions we are asking the client ten years later.

We also understand there is more to your needs than just investing in stocks and bonds – taxation, estate planning, retirement planning and business succession are critical components of a well-rounded financial plan for both individuals and institutions.

Our Process

Once we jointly decide to move forward, we conduct additional Due Diligence on our client’s long-term needs and goals. From there we review and agree with the client on a suitable Investment Policy. We discuss the Market Cycle, diversification and the portfolio building process. Finally, we execute the transactions necessary to build the portfolio in a prudent and cost-effective manner.